SEO is commonly used instead of Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the term used to describe the method of getting a website ranking within the search engine results pages.

Most SEO Companies offer packages to help your website rank; yet I say this is bollocks; most packages by their vary nature use link farms and so although you may rank in the short term; long term you will falter as Google penalises this sort of SEO via various updates such as the Penguin update.

Although this is more of a personal blog; I will create a few posts that are associated with search engine optimisation; these will be shown below and on the other website which is known as WTF SEO.

SEO’s Talk Total Bollocks

I will just add that if you are seeking help with your rankings; please be careful as I feel there are a lot of companies and individuals out there that talk total bollocks and will cause you more harm than good!