Totally Bollocks: Really? Things I want to shout at as it just ain't right!

SEO Petersfield

Trying to rank for SEO Petersfield is Totally Bollocks.

Why is it some companies try to rank for all and sundry when it comes to SEO? Take my local town of Petersfield; why bother?

I have had various websites at the top for the term and often take them down to start a new one only to get bored and do it again. But with me, it is for fun because I know very few if any at all search for the term.

Others out there try and rank for every single town under the sun. The problem I have with that is how they are doing it. They are using boilerplate’s. Boilerplates are pages that are the same throughout the website with just the title and the keywords being different.

What I find amusing is that Google tells you that duplicate content will cause you problems yet these websites still rank for the terms they attack when 98% of the content is the same throughout their websites.

Alas, I need not worry about ranking for SEO Petersfield as I could quickly get one of my test websites sits to the top for the term, and I have no doubt this page will be top 10 soon.

I will add that Web Design Petersfield is another matter; local companies are offering this, and they do get local business. Thankfully the top half dozen or so are local companies and not boiler plated junk.

OK, my little rant is over; well it isn’t even that; is it? It is just me having my say about what I feel is totally bollocks and what is not.