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An SEO Expert Who Doesn’t Talk Total Bollocks

SEO is about getting you noticed
Being an SEO Consultant, I help websites to get noticed!

I am an SEO Consultant for my sins; this means companies contact me; as I am considered an SEO Expert; for help with getting their pages ranked within Google and other search engines. My name is David Edbrooke-Stainer and I run my own SEO Consultancy (WTF SEO).

An SEO Consultant or SEO Expert who doesn’t talk Total Bollocks; I help keep other SEO’s under control; think of me as the condom to someone else’s thrusting!

The job of an SEO Expert is often boring

My job consists of ploughing through the source code of websites to spot the all too often mistakes made by web designers as well as finding links that may help a website gain rankings.

One thing that is more common these days is checking out the links pointing to a website that were created by other SEO companies who have been a little lazy as well as naughty with their link-building packages; often called SEO services.

These poor tactics will often result in a website loosing its position within Google as the practice of using link farms will cause a penalty; often an algorithmic one though sometimes a manual one.

A manual Google penalty is one where a member of the Google web-spam team has taken a close look at your website and the knowledge graph associated with it and has decided that you have violated their Webmaster Guidelines.

I guess that is enough for now about what I do; however I should just add that I offer SEO in Portsmouth and throughout Hampshire. I prefer to act these days in an SEO Consulting role rather than as a fully fledged SEO Company; more of a front line protection than an a performer. Hence my new tag line of “Think of me as the condom to someone else’s thrusting!” I will add a little more detail below re the services I actually offer; but that will come a little later.

I will also be adding a contact page should you wish to hire me for any work relating to my job as an SEO Consultant.