About: What is Totally Bollocks; What is it For & How it Works!

Totally Bollocks: Eunuch Post: No Bollocks whatsoever! Everyday things; thoughts and happenings.

What is Totally Bollocks?

I am not totally sure; firstly it was going to be a personal blog; then a marketing company; then an SEO company and now it is a mixture of all three but mainly my personal blog.

What is it For?

  1. A place for me to share my thoughts and experiences so that I can let people know what I think about these things.
  2. A place to talk about my current work.
  3. A place to talk about possible future projects.
  4. Possibly a place to generate business should I wish to in the future.
  5. A test bed for trying out theories on how to use WordPress to create a multipurpose website.

How it Works

  • The main posts are graded into Bollocks; these are Totally Bollocks; Bollocks; the Dogs Bollocks and Eunuchs which is for posts that contain no bollocks.
  • There was a sub-domain called Talking Bollocks which is where I used to post everyday things that I am doing etc; these tended to be little snippets rather than full blown posts. These have been replaced by what is known as asides.
  • Some pages used to use a Live Blogging feature; this allows for updates to pages on the go without the need for creating a new post. Live blogging was invented for automatic updates to events but can be adapted for other purposes. I have removed this feature for now as I may use a method I have been working on to achieve this.
  • This website uses WordPress and a framework known as Genesis; along with this I use five genesis specific plugins:
    1. Simple Hooks which allows me to add content in specific areas around the website such as the area on the home page where the large Dog image is.
    2. Simple Sidebars so that in the future I will be add a specific sidebar to a specific category.
    3. Genesis Featured Widget Amplified which replaces Genesis Featured Post widget for additional functionality which allows support for custom post types, taxonomies, and extends the flexibility of the widget via action hooks.
    4. Simple Edits for changing how some meta is displayed and for changing the footer message.
    5. Genesis Featured Images which allows for a default featured image; in my case “The Thinker” for posts that do not have an images.
    6. This website still uses WordPress; however I am now using a standalone theme with a few of my own additions to create the functionality that I require. The original theme was created by Pixelgrade and is called Patch. I no longer link to their website as they overcharge for themes and then try and get an annual payment from you for updates. So totally bollocks.

More details will follow.