Is £1 a Day too much to Pay for an SEO Consultant?

SEO is not Dead
I want to offer SEO in Portsmouth; Hampshire and Petersfield from just £1 a day. This will be for a Q&A answering service with the actual fee being based upon the needs of any potential clients.

Alas, this is Bollocks!”

The Fee will increase based on the target area of the client and the possible return on investment (ROI). So a client needing help for a town like Petersfield will pay less than one targeting Portsmouth. Likewise, anyone trying to rank for terms nationally will pay more. The fee could be increased via add-ons, should they be needed and for any hands-on work carried out by myself or others under my guidance.

SEO Consultancy Add ons

Add-ons can come in various forms. Some clients might want their SEO efforts monitoring, or indeed they may want me to keep a check on the work being carried out by their current SEO Company.

It could also be monitoring their link profile, checking out each new link for possible problems; they may even need help in clearing a penalty (manual or algorithmic) from Google or similar.

Other areas were an add-on fee may be payable is with staff training or similar.

An Affordable SEO Solution

By asking “Is £1 a Day too much to Pay for an SEO Consultant?” I wanted to get peoples attention…if you are reading this, then I have yours. So what do you get for your £1 (plus) per day? Well, an affordable SEO solution with access to me at a discounted rate and a place to ask questions (included in the price).

More to follow…