The “SEO Portsmouth” Search Results are a Load of Bollocks

Not all my thoughts are Totally Bollocks

Is someone trying to game Google for SEO Portsmouth?

I hope I am wrong and WILL change this post accordingly if proved to be so. However, there appears to be something not quite right with Vertical Leaps reviews on Google+.

I have been assured by Vertical Leap that these are legitimate clients. However, I will leave what is written below in place so that others can see how easy it is to have someone assume that you are trying to game Google.

Vertical Leap offer SEO in Portsmouth and throughout the UK; maybe even further afield. Now they are a respected company and should not need to try and game Google to try and get yet another client.

OK; I have noticed that over the last few years they have dropped for the search terms associated with search engine optimisation (SEO). I admit this has me a little worried about their past tactics for gaining ranking. After reading some posts on their new website, I do feel they have grasped what is needed to regain rankings. I wish them luck with this.

Having had first-hand experience of their work via a past client of mine with whom I will never work with again; see my post yesterday I dismissed one of my clients. What they did for him in four months was; totally bollocks! But that was using old SEO, and we are into a very new phase of how to gain ranking for clients.

So why do I feel that Vertical Leap is trying to game the search engine results pages (SERP’s) for the term SEO Portsmouth?

Reviews! Google reviews can help local SEO and for Vertical Leap; SEO Portsmouth is their primary localised search term. They have 11 reviews in total and have a rank of 4.4 stars.

Although they are only on page 2 for the search term organically; they sit above the other websites in the section that shows a map with flags. A lot of people click these results, and so they benefit from being there.

BUT; check out the reviews. Some are real people, but others appear to be run by Vertical Leap themselves.

So why do I say that?

Well, they do SEO, don’t they? Yes!

Therefore they should know that Google+ is an integral part of gaining rankings? Yes!

Then they would pass this information onto their clients; wouldn’t they? Yes!

So how come some clients have set up Google + pages and have only ever posted a review for Vertical Leap? They haven’t even posted a link to their websites!

Surely Vertical Leap would have told them how important this is? So why haven’t they done it?

Why are these clients not using Google+ correctly?

Of the eleven reviews; six do look legitimate; four of these indeed give five stars while the other two gave a two-star and a single one. Now if my maths is correct, that means an average of 3.8. But as I have said earlier; they have a 4.4 rating.

So let’s look at the other five accounts with 5-star ratings.

Very few are in other peoples circles, yet none have their own personal groups (circles). OK, they aren’t active so that might expect that. Circles are like friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

Three people have a YouTube account, and two of these have a video in their YouTube profiles, but these are about a Super Mario game and the other; 30 seconds about an Apple Mac. It looks like they are using YouTube to gain a link back to their profile. Which then lists the review for Vertical Leap. The review has five stars and more importantly, a link back to the Vertical Leap website.

One person mentions a company below his image and name. However, once again, he has not linked too or posted about his company. Nor does he mention its name in his review.

In fact, NONE mention their own companies name in their reviews nor any posts they have created!!! Come on; I would be promoting myself; wouldn’t you?

I think I should let you make up your mind and see why I feel Vertical Leap trying to game Google for SEO Portsmouth? Which therefore makes the SEO Portsmouth search engine results pages a load of Bollocks.

So who are the culprits? Apart from Vertical Leap, that is!

Andrew Morgan at least has two reviews; one posted three months before the other. He is one of the two with a YouTube video, and 11 people have him in their circles. BUT he has no one in his circles; because he doesn’t have any. The only post he has is his video. He has given NO information about his company or himself anywhere in his Google+ account. No picture either.

Paul Cooper at least mentions his company but only on his about page yet with no link? Also, it does say worked at; when most say works at; notice the difference? One person has him in a circle; they look like they’re into internet marketing and so that doesn’t surprise me. He has no circles himself. No picture either.

Now Katy Brown has at least got a picture within her profile; also 4 people have her in their circles; three of these don’t have pictures. Alas, like all the others poor Katy doesn’t like to follow people; maybe she is shy?

Candice Stead posted three weeks ago; like the others, she is not following anyone; has no picture; does not talk about her business. Yet she writes a review about Vertical Leap! Candice has a YouTube account but as of yet no videos.

Finally and the one that made me write this small piece entitled “SEO Portsmouth Search Results are a Load of Bollocks.” Tom Brown; hopefully not related to the aforementioned Katy Brown and also with luck he has left school now!

Tom Brown does not have a YouTube account…yet! He has no image; does not mention his business; therefore he doesn’t link back to his company and poor old Tom; OK maybe young if he is still in his school days; has no friends!

Now I don’t give a stuff about getting clients, and this website is a testament to that. However, others out there are seeking them. It is for those who need clients that I am writing this. Perhaps they don’t want to rock the boat with a larger company who may be able to harm them via poor SEO tactics. I am NOT saying Vertical Leap would do this in any way or form, but others may be afraid that they might.

I will also add a disclaimer here. I did once ask the MD of Vertical Leap for a job, alas he turned me down as he felt I would have a bad influence on his staff. I even said I would do it for just £20k a year; he pays typically between £25k and £35k a year. Please note that this is not sour grapes; it is a legitimate question “Is Vertical Leap trying to game Google for SEO Portsmouth?”