A Change to the “SEO Portsmouth” Search Results

Search Engine Changes

Vertical Leap Loses its Way in Portsmouth

After my post “The “SEO Portsmouth” Search Results are a Load of Bollocks;” Vertical Leap has been removed from Google Maps for the search term SEO Portsmouth.

A big part of me feels sorry for Vertical Leap; however, it does seem that those who run Google Maps feel the same as I do; that they were trying to game Google for SEO Portsmouth?

The reason is that 5 of the reviews; which will stay in place as they could be real people; mention Vertical Leap and rate them five stars. However, these people would have done this because they would have been told by VL how important Google+ is to search engine optimisation (SEO). None of them posted about their websites, and it is this that makes the reviews look suspicious.

The net result of the shakeup is that a test site of mine now sits at the top of the organic search results for SEO Portsmouth and no map is showing. I would imagine that at some point in the future the map will reappear as will Vertical Leap on the top of it.

I do fear a backlash yet feel that VL are a professional company and will not resort to such low levels and do that. Anyway, my Link Detox will notify me of any new links pointing to my website and will disavow those I don’t like.

May I also point out that Vertical Leap is a good company and so would recommend them to others, and I am impressed with their content writing arm.