Snippets From My Old Blog: David

These posts failed to make the cut to appear in full on Totally Bollocks!

I may however resurrect some of these in the near future…

  • Deal to Sell Cheap Cruises

    I am not sure how I fell into the trap of seeking out the term cheap cruises; after all, it is not the most popular cruise-related term. These tend to be brands like Royal Caribbean and P&O Cruises rather than the older generic terms such as cruise deals and cheap cruises. But as I am here…

  • Cheap Cruises? Cruise(add another letter*) is For Sale

    I am in the process of getting a job working for someone else rather than for myself. As a result I am going to off load a few websites that I no longer need; sites like the cheap cruises website Cruise(uhm*) which ranks highly for numerous cruise related terms.

  • Trip to Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre Dorset

    I can’t think of many people who don’t like Chimpanzees or other primates for that matter. Today we; the family and I are going on a coach trip to the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset. In anticipation I have rated it five stars; this may change after the day has finished.

    The centre was set up to home rescued apes; we have all seen them posing for photos at various holiday destinations around the world. These captive animals are often mistreated and arrive at the centre in awful, sometimes untreatable conditions.

  • Occupational Psychology Hampshire Manchester & London

    I have been asked to look at the website for a company offering Occupational Psychology in Hampshire, Manchester & London. Thankfully the work I am to do is only on the website; like many others, I know very little about this subject.

    However, the life of an SEO often throws up these little scenarios; you need to work on something where you need to go from zero to passable in the shortest time. I guess that is what makes my job great at times, you never know what is around the corner.

  • Hepworth Conqueror Stout at FusionBar One Petersfield

    This evening I tried the Hepworth Conqueror Stout at FusionBar One in Petersfield. I am not a Stout drinker; hence, I only rated this four stars. If this were Guinness I would have rated it only three stars; I guess that shows that I was quite impressed with the beer.

*The name of the website was registered by myself and operated for three years when some twat decided to register the trademark for the word and then tried to sue me for using the name. I sold the website.
He did this without even owning the domain name!!!