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SEO Portsmouth: Do I? Don’t I?

Had five new potential clients come through in just one week; so do I or don’t I rekindle WTF SEO and start helping them gain the rankings they desire? Yes, I know that back in October I created a post entitled “ Doing SEO in Portsmouth and yes I have helped Sean out a couple of times.

However, my clients? I love helping people. However, I am always worried that I may not do a decent job for them; then there is the issue about the money… I hate money! So should I start to do this in earnest; I need to be 100% sure it is what I want to do.

My goal has always been to offer SEO from just £1 a day. However many will say that “you can’t get a great service for so little” and they may be right. However, if I were to combine a cut down technical SEO service, then I may be able to get away with the £1 fee.

See, I could fix their sites and then receive £364.99 from them over the course of the year for doing very little other than making sure all the I’s and T’s are crossed. Will cogitate further methinks.