Ray Own on his Guitar with Juicy Lucy

Ray Owen’s Juicy Lucy

Ray Owen’s Juicy Lucy at Cloisters Cafe Petersfield

There is a saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Ray Owen at 69 is not young; as for needing to be taught new tricks; forget it. He is from the old school of rock; he was born with all the tricks he needs to perform; his voice.

Singers like Sir Paul McCartney and Barry Manilow; admittedly a handful of years older, now seem struggle to hold a note. Let’s be honest; sometimes they struggle to even sound in tune. I am not disrespectful; it is just the effects of ageing. Ray Owen still has it. High notes; low notes and melodies come with ease from someone who never really became a household name unless you were into rock music.

In one of the songs; if I had my eyes closed, I would have assumed I was listening to Bowie… Yet there where always the undertones of a classic rock singer.

Back Stage with Juicy Lucy

The Event: Music & Morsels at Cloisters Café

Live at Cloisters
Ray Owen’s Juicy Lucy live at Cloisters Cafe Petersfield

On Saturday 30th July 2016 Ray performed with his fellow musicians in a small Café called Cloisters; set in the corner of the Square in Petersfield.

Tapas at Cloisters Cafe PetersfieldHolding around 50 or so people, Cloisters is not the sort of place he should be playing. However the guests enjoyed 3 sets while devouring copious amounts of great tapas.

Juicy Lucy at Cloisters CafeOthers walked past; some craning their necks to see what was happening; almost all walked on. They were not listening or were far too busy with their own lives; sadly a modern phenomenon where so much can be missed.

None of them will be able to say “Yeah I saw Ray Owen…”
I for one am glad that I can say; “I saw Ray Owen at…”

I almost rekindled Totally Bollocks last year when he previously performed at Cloisters on another tapas night; I didn’t find the time. He is still going, and with that, he has inspired me to take up the gauntlet once again and start to do this blog justice.

So if I upset anyone along the way; don’t blame me; blame Ray Owen and his version of Juicy Lucy. I also want to apologise for any post written on here pre 2016; they need work, and I will sort them out eventually.

I also wanted to write more about the Music & Food; even the group; alas I don’t have the full names of those playing. So will leave this for now and will update it in the future when I have more details to hand.

Want to Know More about Ray Owen & Juicy Lucy?

Ray Owen was born in 1947 and joined Jucy Lucy in 1969; if you want to find out more; like his jamming session in the home of T Rex’s Marc Bolan or how he gave singing lessons to Chrissie Hynde (“in bed!”)… then visit his Facebook page and click the about tag.

Ray Owen Still Has It

“Who Do You Love” written by Bo Diddly was perhaps Juicy Lucy’s biggest hit, reaching no 14 in the UK charts. Below shows two versions; Ray Owen back in 1970 on the German version of Top of the Pops and the 2015 version with the band playing at the 215 Le Mans motor car race (Concert au Circuit de la bière Le Mans 2015).