Poor Web Hosting is Totally Bollocks!

Pissed Off Look; though not actually me!

I am pissed off! I came onto Totally Bollocks to make some changes the other day only to find my website down. By the time it was fixed I didn’t have enough time to do what I wanted to do. Today I had dropped for SEO Portsmouth; guess what? The site was down again.

The reason is that I have Totally Bollocks hosted in a different place to where the domain is registered. Now there are a couple of ways to get the site live in this situation; one is by changing the Domain Name System (DNS); this is done by adding the IP address of the hosting account for the website. The other by pointing the domain to a set of Named Servers.

I have TB set up the first way, and the hosting company have twice changed the IP address causing my website to drop drastically. What pisses me off though, is, they did not tell me! Not even an email to say what had happened.

So now my site will no longer sit in second place in Google for SEO Portsmouth; I like it in second because it was behind my main site WTF SEO; which is top. Anyhow; I will be keeping a daily watch on the situation from now on.