Missing Word at the BBC

Missing Word at the BBC; is Donald Trump to Blame? Was it Covfefe?

I was horrified last night when I discovered there was a missing word in a BBC article talking about Donald Trump & Russia. How, do I know that there is a missing word? You may ask. Well the BBC gave the game away themselves!

On reading the article “Putin plays down ties with President Trump’s ex-adviser Flynn,” I noticed a link that clearly states “The Trump-Russia story – in 199 words” and here is part of a screenshot to prove it.

The Trump-Russia story - in 199 words

However… After clicking the link, I arrived at a page entitled “The Trump-Russia story – in 198 words,” yep, someone had taken down, misplaced or just forgotten to add the 199th word.

The Trump-Russia story - in 199 words

The BBC was unable to comment on the missing word; well basically I never asked them to; however, speculation is rife that the missing word was indeed Covfefe.

What is Covfefe?

Donald Trump created Covfefe after he allegedly fell asleep while starting a new Tweet; well somehow he tweeted Covfefe. His “Team” say that those who need to know what Covfefe is; do know! Totally Bollocks if you ask me. Enough though about covfefe; I may cover that in more detail elsewhere.

Missing Word Needs Further Investigation

This missing word will need more investigation; I have to make the wife a cup of tea right now as she is due home from work in 20 mins. Yes; I know it doesn’t take 20 minutes to make a cuppa. BUT I forgot to wash up after both breakfast and lunch and don’t want to get into trouble!