David Cameron (Failure) Please Keep Away From Olympics 2012

Same Old Thinking David Cameron Failure

What is it about David Cameron and British sports? I say David Cameron Keep Away From The Olympics 2012.

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David Cameron is a glory boy; there is no doubt; he is desperate to be somewhere where a British sportsman wins a major event; however every time he goes to an event; we lose!

David Cameron is a Failure

David Cameron has a history of failures; let’s go back to when the Conservative party first came to power; hold on… he even failed to win a majority when the Labour party was at a low after one of the worst recessions in history.

He promised so much to so many and failed pensioners; students; the economy… wait this is not meant to be political; it is about the sport. So where do I start?

Football World Cup 2018

Ahh yes; our bid was going well, and the nation expected us to win the bid; alas David Cameron comes onboard. His efforts probably only turned countries off us; why not just leave it to people who know how to win things?

Chelsea Champions League 2012

Chelsea won this year’s Champions League final… wait, this is about sporting failures of David Cameron. Oh wait a minute; for the Champions League final 2012 David Cameron was 4,219 miles away at (ironically) Camp David. No wonder Chelsea won.

Andy Murray Wimbledon 2012

Yes David Cameron was in the Royal Box for the final of Wimbledon 2012; alas when Andy Murray was one set up, the cameras picked up Davy and his wife, Sammy. Alas Murray went on to lose!

Mark Cavendish Olympics 2012 Cycling Road Race

After the success of the Tour de France it was obvious that David Cameron would take the photo opportunity of a lifetime. Surely he would go to the Mall in London for the end of the Olympics 2012 Cycling Road Race. Alas, no other team helped the Team GB squad, and Mark Cavendish failed to get an elusive road race Olympic medal.

Would Mark Cavendish have won the Olympics 2012 Cycling Road Race if the German team had helped more? Maybe! Alas with David Cameron in the crowd; I doubt it!

Tom Daley Diving Olympics 2012

After round three of the Diving at the Olympics 2012, Tom Daley and his partner Peter Waterfield were leading the competition; amazingly the TV camera switched and focused on David Cameron and his wife, Samantha; Tom Daley & Peter Waterfield’s next dive was awful; yet again Davey and Sammy have cursed a British sporting team.

I once again would like to say Keep the Failure, David Cameron, Away From the 2012 Olympics. I guess I am not alone with this thought. Even the Daily Telegraph, an allay of his seems to agree.

Further updates may appear below!

David Cameron the failure strikes again! In the space of half an hour Team, GB had finalists in 3 sports. Team GB won Gold and Silver in the Canoe slalom; Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott winning the gold and David Florence and Richard Hounslow gaining the silver.

In shooting Peter Wilson wins the double trap gold; David Cameron was at the Judo where Gemma Gibbons secured the silver medal in 78kg women’s event. He had a choice of three events, and poor Gemma Gibbons was the one who had to suffer.

David Cameron; I know you are entitled to a holiday; but who is running the country while you spend your days chasing medals for a photo opportunity?

Update: David Cameron strikes again! For fuck sake, keep away from sports involving British people. Mark Cavendish falls in final straight of the first stage of the Tour de France 2014 in his hometown of Harrogate.