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I have re-created this post about Cheap Cruises as my main income was from cruise related websites.

I will eventually be working on Cruisez a cruising magazine website.

Recently, I spoke to one of the large cruise travel agent companies about their website. The site was in tatters due to numerous issues. One of these being poor link-building and another being an Exact Match Domain name. I had a theory on exact match domain names and tried to explain it to them; alas, they were not impressed! However, they used it.

Cheap Cruises around the WorldAfter this, I thought about rebuilding Cruisegle. Cruisegle was an old site of mine that ranked highly for various cruise-related terms including cheap cruises. It is also my Twitter handle Cruisegle.

The aim was to create a new website to get back in a position to sell cheap cruises like its sister site; well not quite sister; it is more a previous incarnation. The old site has long gone, but the lessons I have learned from it will help with the new site.

I digress; what I plan to do with Cruisez is to supply leads to a travel agent who specialises in Cruises. I think I already have one on-board; forgive the pun! He is the one who bought another old site of mine that used to rank at the top for cheap cruises called Cruise (plus one letter). I am not allowed to post the name due to a trademark. Now that is another story that I need to write about at some point in time.

Cruisez or some other domain I choose to work with will hopefully keep the Wolves from the door so to speak; alas it will depend upon hard work from me; well not hard work but long hours. Saying that I often start work at 7.30 am and finish after midnight only stopping for meals and the loo!


Not sure why; but this page is ranking in the top 40 for Cheap Cruises; putting a lot of websites to shame including my clients. But then, this site has not been hit by a penalty; just yet! I guess it will drop off over time and end up back where it belongs; somewhere out of reach of prying eyes.

I will say that this little snippet will probably cause the drop as I have now mentioned the search term too often within the text; I never like to go above 2.5%.

It is now December 2016, and I have still yet to start Cruisez… I need to get a grip.

It’s 2019! No Cheap Cruises in 2019, yet!

I have just been going through some old posts and came across this one. What a load of bollocks; I need to re-write it at some point. Oh, and three years later, Cruisez has still not been started!