Cat in a Box!

Cat sleeping on top of a CAT shoe box

Get your very own Cat in a Box! For a small fee, you can buy a Cat in a Box that will look great anywhere in your home. The box is handy and can be used as a bed for the cat if it’s required. However, this box is more than a bed! It is malfunctioning and can be used in the open position so the cat can climb in, curl up and sleep. Or in ornamental mode (as shown); where the cat sleeps on top of the box.

So that you don’t get it confused with other boxes, we have marked it with the word “CAT;” the bold lettering in black stands out on the yellow/orange background. The cat itself has no lettering; it is unbranded. Also, no batteries required.

Please be aware that to get full use of the Cat in a Box; we recommend feeding the Cat. If a supplier would like to pay me £50; I will blatantly add their product here with a “nofollow” link back to their website.