Totally Bollocks: Really? Things I want to shout at as it just ain't right!

Beware EE Inflation Price Rises on New Deals

EE; please explain why the price on my BlackFriday deal was raised last month due to inflation, yet you are now offering the original deal again? This raises two questions

  1. Will those who sign up today get hit with an “inflation” rise in 3 months time?
  2. Have you done this to others who have signed up on your previous offers?

If you ask me and this is an assumption based on my experience and if EE can prove to me that what I have written is incorrect, I will change it. However; I feel that EE use the “inflation” tactic to regain some monies from their offers.

Why do I say this? Because the original price of the plan I am on has not gone up with inflation; only the deal itself!

Update: EE; via Twitter have pointed to this article on their price rises. I will leave the rest of this post as it is until after the 30th March 2017, to see if they do indeed put the price up from its current £34.99.