Past My Sell By Date

I may look old and mouldy on the outside

After working for myself for the last five years I recently decided to get a job; alas it looks like I am Past My Sell By Date! Can 50 be too old?

I may look old and mouldy on the outside
I may look old and mouldy on the outside…
From now on, I will see myself as a piece of Stilton. On the outside, I may look a little old and mouldy, but inside I still have something to offer even if I am past my sell-by date.

I have an impressive CV; there are very few individuals in the UK who have achieved rankings in Google as I have. In the past, one of my sites even overtook Royal Caribbean for the term Royal Caribbean! But alas I am perhaps a one-trick pony; too much SEO Consultant (SEO = Search Engine Optimisation) and not enough PPC (Pay Per Click).

However, there always seems to be some young whippersnapper who gets the job over me. Even though I get told that I was exceptional, however, they wanted someone… Like I say, I am past my sell-by date!

Don’t get me wrong; I have only applied for a few jobs, but it is depressing. So as from today, I am no longer seeking a role in SEO other than trying to find someone who has about £17k to bankroll the first year of a project of mine. Not likely to happen!

I guess that means I will be looking for virtually any kind of job; however, I would not like to work in a shop though; did that a few years ago and vowed never to return. All I want is a basic wage to get by; I don’t care what the job title is; a job is a job!

I have transferred this post from my old blog and am keeping it for updating at some point; that is assuming my age doesn’t make me forget!