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It’s a Sad Day for Petersfield; Lindsey has left Cloisters

Today I am sad!

We all have our favourite café; in Petersfield mine is Cloisters Café. However, today I have heard some bad news; Lindsey has left…decamped; departed; gone; quit; split or however you want to say it; flown the coop.

Was Lindsey my favourite waitress there? I can’t say that as others may read this, and so problems could arise however I always looked forward to seeing Lindsey; I love her attitude to life and the way she makes you feel welcome and the way she looked after me as a customer.

If I was down; Lindsey would make an effort to raise my spirits; not in some over the top expression of false affection but by way of being real; being herself and understanding that realism is the answer. By keeping things real, she would say things that would make me re-think the situation, and I always left in a better mood than I arrived.

In saying that more often than not I was not down; most days I am a happy chappy, and Lindsey would always accept being the punchline to a joke in a professional manner when working and gave as good as she got when not.

Wherever she works in the future, I will make an effort to visit the establishment just because life would not be the same without the Lindsey’s of this world. If I was looking to employ a member of staff; I would hire her.

As a footnote; thank goodness her twin sister (Kayleigh) is still here! If you are reading this because Lindsey has come for a job; take her on; you will not regret it. I would like to write more about her. However, I do need to work but would happily supply a reference from a customers point of view.